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Jack Cai - 18.27 Seconds 3x3 Blindfolded World Record Average!   2019/12/2
21.11 Seconds! Max Park Broke The 4x4 World Record Average!   2019/12/2
Guinness World Records Certification! Yusheng Du 3x3x3 cube 3.47 seconds world record single!   2019/11/11
“MoYu Cup: 1st Easy Cube MOD Contest Works Display!   2018/3/21
“MoYu Cup” 1st Easy Cube MOD Contest   2018/1/26
MoYu-Redi Cube Challenge Cup   2017/8/3
[AsR}Seung Hyuk Nahm 3x3 7.06s avg   2016/2/14
[WR]Lucas Etter 3x3 4.90 seconds   2015/11/23
[WR]Keaton Ellis 3x3 5.09 seconds   2015/11/23
[WRs]Drew Brads pyr 1.32s single and 2.52s avg   2015/10/26
[WR]Jonatan skewb 1.10s single   2015/10/17
[Release]Tanglong 3x3 cube with new patents   2015/10/11
[Release]Yupo 2x2,the most cost-effective cube   2015/10/8
[AsR]Kaijun Lin 5BLD 7:02.25   2015/10/5
[AsR]Jiayu Wang 3OH avg 12.77s   2015/10/5
[WR]Feliks Zemdegs 4x4 cube 21.54s single   2015/10/5
Antoine,the 3OH world record holder,visits Moyu   2015/9/30
[WR]Michal Rzewuski skewb 1.67s single   2015/9/28
[Release]Moyu Aosu Megamorphix comes out   2015/9/23
[Release]The most terrific 7x7,the Aofu GT,comes out!   2015/8/1

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