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Innovation is our constant motivator
Concentration is our persistent attitude;
Dreams are our constant pursuit.
MoYu Culture!

Pioneers of Educational Toys
MoYu Culture Company is based in Chenghai, the “city of toys” in
China. Utilizing its advantageous location and resources, MoYu was able to pursue its dreams.
Since it was founded, MoYu has developed into a significant influencer in the Chinese toy industry. It has grown to be a professional and popular educational toy company through notable designs, consistent production, and stable sales. As a large-scale export-oriented enterprise, we’ve realized dreams and worked hard, only wishing for more and more people to witness our constant innovation and growth.

Innovator with concentration and aspiration
Creativity is the drive and foundation for the development of a company, it is also the everlasting theme of MoYu. Among the words, is the burst of inspiration; among the exploration, is the bravery of revolution. We and many aspiring designers are exploring and cultivating new ideas and innovations within the toy industry.
Breaking barriers makes progress, innovation makes premium products. Over
30,000 square meters of space dedicated towards production, advanced equipment for automated manufacturing, and skillful workers make MoYu a reality. Developing and keeping up with trends, we aim for the best. We continuously produce premium and high-quality educational toys.

Creator pursuing the excellence
MoYu stands out within the educational toy industry because of its high-quality products and services. It is also one of the first companies to receive the China Compulsory Certification. Our main products include the magic cube, snake cube, building blocks, stacking cups, 3D Maze, and many other products. These products are suitable for all ages, and are aimed towards developing the knowledge and intelligence of kids and teenagers. They can also be used as an easy carry around item to provide fun.
In addition, the brands created by MoYu are full of energy and innovation (MoYu, Cubing Classroom, Cong’s Design, GuoGuan, MoJue, MoHuanShouSu,
LeTao, SenHuan, YanCheng). They always present the individuality and uniqueness of MoYu Culture. Our products are used by many world-class competitors and have been used towards breaking new world records. Likewise, many high-ranked cubers have joined Team MoYu and became spokespeople of MoYu.

Energetic and Hard Workers
Earn trust through honesty, stand out through quality, develop by innovating. MoYu is an energetic and hard working company, becoming a popular brand in the educational toy industry.
We never stop, we expect more. We contribute to the creation of premium products.

Explorers Looking Towards the Future
The future motivates us to continuously explore. We bravely move forward as a unit. MoYu will create more miracles and reach achievements, becoming a shining star in the world toy industry.

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