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[Release]Yupo 2x2,the most cost-effective cube

2015/10/8 15:02:04
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YJ Yupo,the most cost-effective 2x2 cube

Guiding wholesale price:7.5 RMB
Guiding retail price:15 RMB(not including express fee)

It's possible to buy a professional speedsolving 2x2 cube with such a low price.You can't find bumpy feeling while turning it in a high speed because we produce Yupo with the mould having the highest quality.It's smooth under a high speed and has over 45 degrees for corner cutting and over 25 degrees for inverse corner cutting.It's used a special center-locating system that helps anti-pop ability.Sufficient material is also a factor that makes the cube cost-effective.
Colors for choise:white,black and hojoy(the transparent stickerless edition will come out later because we need to make a new mould to make it)

Why does Yupo have such a low price?Because we aim to promote the 2x2 cube to the people that just begin to cubing,we want to let the people buy cubes with lower price,and what we do is helping enlarging the cubing community.

For more:http://moyucube.com/en/Product4_e.asp?option=view&ProductId=4098