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“MoYu Cup: 1st Easy Cube MOD Contest Works Display!

2018/3/21 10:22:32
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 “MoYu Cup: 1st Easy Cube MOD Contest" Contestants' Works Display!
Thanks so much to the many cubers who supported this contest. We have gotten around a total of 70 fantastic designs and we've selected 50 incredible works to show off, which is your favorite?
The final results will be posted at the end of this month!
*To avoid repeatedly vote, this contest will be voted by MoYu R&D Team, sales department, production department and some special selected cubers.

1.PyraStar 4x4x4

2.Diamond Time Wheel

3.         Coffin Cube

4、    Spiral 4x4

5、   Halfish 4x4

6、      Windwall

7.Wall Cube 5x5

8.Master 3x3x5 Cube 

9.Mirror 2x2 in 2x2


11.Curve Blade

12.Bandaged Mirror Cube
13.Lizard Head

14.Floppy Flip

15.Flower Skewb

16.hide poket cube

17.The Rubik's Key

18.House Cube

19.4x4x2 cuboidmorphix

20.Star of time

21.Turtle Cube 3x3

22.Master Crazy Windmill

23.SQ1 Rr

24.4x4 octagonal barrel
25.4x4 star cube

26.fused 5x5 and 6x6

27.P cube