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¡°MoYu Cup¡± 1st Easy Cube MOD Contest

2018/1/26 9:58:18
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¡°MoYu Cup¡± 1st Easy Cube MOD Contest


Just MOD it!


MoYu aims to provide puzzles for cubers all over the world. Through MoYu's high-tech mechanical craftsmanship base, we have been able to create many outstanding puzzles, not only for speedcubing community, but also those in the modification field.

Every time we talk about cube mods, you may think about the crazy puzzles made by Tony Fisher, Nathan Wilson, etc.; which gives off an impression that all mods are difficult and complicated :p




But in most situations, it's possible to modify interesting and cool puzzles even without professional tools. For example, we can create a new puzzle by just adjusting the orientation of the Windmirror:


Or we can get many cool cubes by re-arranging the Mirror S cube:

And more...


So, cube MODs can actually be very easy sometimes. All you need to do is utilize your creativity and knowledge! :)  To spark more cube MODs in the cubing community, we've decided to hold the 1st ¡°MoYu Cup¡± Easy Cube MOD Contest! If you have good ideas, want to show off your modding talents, or want to spread cube MODs to others, join the contest!



1. Use only MoYu (or its sub-brand) cubes for modifications, and please use simple tools.
2. Contestant needs to provide clear MOD pictures or videos to show the process of your work, the pictures or videos have to demonstrate each side and turning style of the newly created puzzle.
3. Please send your works to moyucube@sina.cn in order to participate in this contest, don¡¯t forget to note the name of your product in the email.
4. Each contestant can send only 3 works at most. If there are identical works from different contestants, the first participant to have competed all requirements will have priority. If a contestant has 3 works, you can send them in 3 different emails. Don¡¯t use different email accounts in order to send more than 3 works! Any participants who break the rules will immediately be disqualified from the contest. We will send messages to inform the contestant who has identical works, then the contestant can send new items instead.
5. Deadline: March 1st, 2018
6. Reward:
MoYu staff will check each participant¡¯s works carefully then vote for certain participants to receive rewards.
1st place *1: Certificate+MoYu 15x15 cube+MoYu 13x13 cube
2nd place *1: Certificate+MoYu 15x15 cube
3rd place *1: Certificate+MoYu 13x13 cube
Award of Excellence *5: Certificate+Aoshi GTS 6x6+Aochuang GTS 5x5+Aosu GTSM 4x4+Weilong GTS2M 3x3+Weipo 2x2
7. Participated works must be an original design by the participant; we will cancel the participation of a contestant who has cheated or has not followed these rules.

The final explanation right of this activity is reserved by MoYu Culture Co., Ltd..