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Description: Cubing Classroom RS3

Commodity information:
Package: Cube Box
Product Size: 56*56*56mm
G.W.: 193g
Main Material: ABS
Explain3: Color: Black, white, stickerless
Memo: RS3 3x3 Cube

New Mechanism New Performance

Anti-pop Design

Anti-pop feet on edge pieces puts the popping problem to an end.

Anti-sticky Design
The anti-sticky design in the contact areas rid any issue of a sticky feeling, making the cube turn more smoothly.

Professional Mechanism
Professional mechanism inside provides an outstanding overall performance, giving you a fantastic hand feeling!

Stickerless design
The cube provides stickerless edition which is more bright and colorful besides black and white.

48 magnet slots
48 magnet slots inside provide more convenience on placing magnets.

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