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Description: Crystal cube gife box set

Commodity information:
Memo: Transparent ABS environmental plastic

Transparent ABS environmental plastic gives the cube a colorful and beautiful appearance, it is a good choice for decoration and gift-giving!

Multiple patterns

The cap on the cube has multiple patterns like Kingkong ring, apple, diamond, clover, giving more choices for customers!

Speedcubing mechanism

The cube uses speedcubing mechanism, which is soother than ordinary 3x3 cubes, providing an exceptional experience!

Anti-sticky concave

Antisticky concave avoids the sticky feel, which makes the cube more smooth.

Anti-pop feet
Antipop design on edge pieces perfectly eliminates the pop problem.

Big hole design
Big hole design on corners, edges and inside structure gives the cube high cornercutting and make it smoother, and also reduces most of the lockup when turning the cube.

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