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Description: Aochuang GTS & Aochuang GTSM

Commodity information:
Package: Collection Gift Box
Product Size: 63*63*63 mm
G.W.: 208g
Explain3: Cube, manual, designer card, Team MoYu card, spare magnets, cube box.
Memo: Aochuang GTS  Upgrade Performance  Smooth Feeling

Optimized multi-inner-circle feet

The optimized multi-inner-circle internal feet improves the cube’s anti-pop performance, and strengthen the mechanism, which is an innovative design on this cube.

Reasonable anti-sticky design
Anti-sticky design on the edges properly secure its smooth turning, making the cube more controllable.

Improvement on centers and anti-pop performance

New reverse orbit mechanism greatly improves the anti-popping capabilities and puts the center twist problem to an end.

Unique tight-fitting center caps

Tight-fitting center capseffectively resolvesthe center drop out issue, resulting in a good turning feel.

High quality stickers
The cube is stickered with imported stickers that are brighter and thinner. Solving with these stickers creates an experience closer to the cube’s original feel. Moreover, these stickers are more vivid and beautiful.

Reasonable magnet layout
Suitably placed magnets make for a controllable and comfortable feeling cube.
Accurately, hand-placed magnets
Each magnet is properly placed to provide a good turning experience. Precisely placed glue on the magnets properly secure them in place.

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