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Description: Cubing Classroom 9*9*9

Commodity information:
Package: Color Box
Product Size: 75*75*75mm
G.W.: 284g
Memo: MF9-Constantly Breakthrough

New Breakthrough Smaller Size.
The size of MF9 9x9 cube is only 75mm, which is the smallest 9x9 in the market, giving you a controllable and satisfactory feel!

Wide Outer Layer.

Wide outer layer makes the turning more controllable and prevents the cube from slipping out of your hands.

Smooth Turning.
Proper structure makes the cube has a smooth turning feel, you can turn the cube effortlessly.

Adjustable Elasticity.
Screws and springs inside make the cube adjustable, you can get a satisfying hand feel depending on personal preference.

High-end Stickers.
The cube uses high-end Oracle stickers, which are bright and beautiful. Tightly attached to the cube, there's no issue of stickers falling off.

High Quality Material
Safe and environmental ABS plastic applied in the cube, making it shatter-proof and flexible.

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