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Description: SenHuan Zhanlang M 2X2

Commodity information:
Package: Cube Box
G.W.: 155g
Memo: Special technology on springs  better durability.
The cube uses piano wire springs, which provides high tensile strength. The spring retains good elasticity even when being compressed for a long time, and will not cause the feel of the cube to deteriorate.

One piece surface design  more stable feel.
The cube combines the anchor pieces and centers, forming a one piece surface which reduces bumpy feel and makes the cube more stable.

Friction reducing tracks  no more sluggish feel.
The whole edge piece is covered with tracks to reduce contacting surface area. No more sluggish feel after long use.

Golden inner circle size  balance between momentum and feel.
The size of inner circle partially determines the feel of the cube. After careful calculation and testing, the size is finalized at 23.8mm, which provides excellent corner cutting and clean feel.

Beautiful color scheme.
Corners on stickerless cubes feature a design with three split pieces and a foot. The color scheme is half-bright with a great contrast. The stickers are made by Oracal which offers beautiful colors and excellent quality.

One piece contacting surface and primary plastic internals  smoother feel.
The internals use high quality ABS with no coloring. Combined with one piece surface design, they provide better feel and durability.

Accurately, hand-placed magnets.
Each magnet is properly placed to provide a good turning experience. Precisely placed glue on the magnets properly secure them in place.

Reasonable magnet layout.
Suitably placed magnets make for a controllable and comfortable feeling cube.

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