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Description: Cubing Classroom Axis Cube

Commodity information:
Package: PVC Box
Product Size: 56*56*56 mm
Memo: Axis Cube

The Axis Cube is a classic shape-shifting 3x3 puzzle with an interesting appearance. It uses the mechanism of the professional speed 3x3 cube, combined with a florian hole design which provides good corner-cutting. In addition, feet structures within the cube help avoid pops. Being a stable cube with a smooth feeling, it definitely is a magnificent shape shifting cube.

Cool Patterns
The Axis Cube is different from the standard 3x3 cube. It can shape shift after being scrambled, adding to its difficulty and fun level.

Professional Mechanism
Professional inner mechanism provides an outstanding overall performance, giving a fantastic feeling!

Anti-pop Design
Anti-pop feet on edge pieces puts the popping problem to an end.

Big hole design

A Rounded hole design on the corners, edges, and inner structure makes the cube have good corner-cutting and a smooth feeling when turning the cube.

Adjustable Elasticity

Screws and springs inside make the cube adjustable, allowing you to achieve a satisfying feeling cube.

High Quality Material

Environmentally safe ABS plastic used in the cube, makes it shatter-proof and flexible.

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