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Description: Cubing Classroom Fisher Skewb

Commodity information:
Product Size: 56*55.5*55.5 mm
G.W.: 93g
Fisher Skewb
Changeable Shape with Unlimited Fun!
The Fisher Skewb is an interesting non-WCA puzzle, which is made by Australian famous cube modder - Nathan Wilson. This cube is a modification of the standard Skewb with an added ability to shape shift making it more challenging and fun to solve. The Fisher Skewb is definitely a great choice for cubers who like shape shifting puzzles!

Cool Patterns.
The Fisher Skewb is different from the standard Skewb, unique shape gives you more challenge and imagination. 

New Challenge for You.
The cube can shape shift after being scrambled, adding to its difficulty and fun level.

Professional Mechanism.
Professional mechanism inside provides an outstanding overall performance, giving you a fantastic hand feeling!

Adjustable Elasticity.
Screws and springs inside make the cube adjustable, you can get a satisfying hand feel depending on personal preference.

Stickerless design.
We have made this puzzle compatible to be produced in the popular bright stickerless color scheme. Frosted design on the surface brings a good hand feel and avoids scratches on stickerless cubes.

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