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Description: Cubing Classroom Windmill Cube

Commodity information:
Package: PVC Box
Product Size: 56*56*56 mm
G.W.: 107g
The Windmill Cube is a classic shape-shifting puzzle with an interesting appearance. It uses the mechanism of the standard 3x3 cube, combined with a florian hole design which provides good corner-cutting. In addition, feet structures within the cube help avoid pops. Being a stable cube with a smooth feeling, it definitely is a magnificent shape shifting cube.

Core of a Professional Speed 3x3.
Using a speedcube 3x3's core makes the cube smoother and more stable, providing an enjoyable feeling during solves.

Unique cylinder center design.
The Cylinder design on center pieces makes the center piece combine perfectly with the core, providing a comfortable feeling during rotations.

Anti-pop feet.
An Anti-pop design on the edge pieces puts the popping problem to an end.

Big hole design
Rounded holes on corners, edges, and the inner mechanism allows for the cube to have good corner-cutting, and a smooth feeling.

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