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Description: GuoGuan Xinghen M 2x2

Commodity information:
Package: Color Box
Product Size: 50*50*50 mm
N.W.: 145g
Memo: XingHen is the first 2x2 of brand GuoGuan, which combines stable construction and great corner-cutting together. Bigger corner-cutting gives the cube a superb hand feel. Xinghen M is an upgrade version of the standard one, which has magnets inside to provide better positioning.
Inner slots design.
Inner slots on edges and corners make the magnets attached tightly.
Accurately, hand-placed magnets.
Each magnet is properly placed to provide a good turning experience.
Suitable magnetic force.
After many trials, we have found the perfect strength of magnets in order to provide an outstanding performing cube.
Anti-pop feet.
Anti-pop feet on the bottom of hidden edge provides an outstanding anti-pop effect.
Edge-center positioning design.
3 positioning hidden edges and 3 center piece is the positioning system of this 2x2, which is convenient and efficient. Tightness of 6 faces is controllable, bringing a more stable feel.
Unified edge piece.
Unified edge piece design avoids deformation and brings more stability!

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