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Description: Yuexiao Pro

Commodity information:
Product Size: 56*56*56mm
Memo: 3-segment section provides more unique hand feel

3-segment round corner design provides extensive inverse corner-cutting

Polyline type anti-corner-twisting design

Round corner design

Instead of exterior right angle anti-corner-twisting design, round corner design decreases chance of lockups.

Tight-fitting center cap design fits tightly and efficiently with the center piece’s sleeve.

Upwardly adjusted center stalk design gives the cube more space in its internals for accommodating piece bases.

Yuexiao Pro uses new mechanism, the designer fully consider the structure and performance of this model in designing. 3-segment section and 3-segment round corner, Polyline type anti-corner-twisting design and anti-sticky concave, which bring the speed cube mechanism to a new level.
In 2015, GuoGuan released Yuexiao 3x3, then Xinghen 2x2 was released in the following year, now the new Yuexiao pro will definitely become a speed cube with great performance!

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