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Description: Weichuang GTS 5x5

Commodity information:
Package: color box
Product Size: 63*63*63mm
Memo: Weichuang GTS 5x5 is a high-class big cube Moyu strongly recommends this year.Compared with previous 5x5 cubes, Weichuang has overall performance progressed, larger outer layers ensure better smoothness and anti-pop ability.

key design----barb anti-pop idea
Patent barb anti-pop design locks and makes edges and corners coordinate well to eliminate pop issues.

Unified friction surface of inner layers
Weichuang GTS has unified surfaces in inner layers to reduce bumpy feelings caused by imperfect combination of accessories.

Proper proposal for holes
Small holes of inner layers and big holes of outer layers ensure stability when turning inner layers and less bumpy feeling when turning 3x3 part respectively.

Anti-sluggish design
Lots of grooves on the surfaces of edges and other parts of the cube highly reduce impact surfaces to make the cube turn faster.

Wider outer layers
In allusion to 5x5 solving methods, we widened the outer layer to bring out the ultimate performance .

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