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Commodity information:
Product Size: 55.5*55.5*55.5mm
Memo: The WeiLong GTS2M uses magnets placed in the edges and corners to provide a well positioned feel. After many trials, we have finally found the perfect magnets. All magnets are carefully and professionally placed, allowing for a more accurate and comfortable feeling cube.

Accurately, hand-placed magnets

Each magnet is properly placed to provide a good turning experience.

Reasonable magnet layout

Suitably placed magnets make for a controllable and comfortable feeling cube.

Suitable magnetic force

After many trials, we have found the perfect strength of magnets in order to provide an outstanding performing cube.

Accurate gluing

Precisely placed glue on the magnets properly secure them in place.

Stunningly designed box

A beautifully designed magnetic box that uses a gliding surface format. Utilizing high quality materials and proper sizing, it protects the cube from easily being damaged.

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