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Commodity information:
Package: color box
Product Size: 61*61*61mm
Memo: Redi Cube is designed by the famous Dutch cube designer, Oskar Van Deventer. He has made numerous beautiful puzzles, but this is our first collaboration with him. With MoYu's professional design adjustments and molding technology, this cube has attained a smoother feeling and better performance, while being an overall outstanding cube!

Stickerless design

Not only does this puzzle come in black and white, but we have made it compatible to be produced in the popular bright stickerless color scheme.

Full-obturated mechanism

Its full-obturated mechanism on edges along with its non-hollowed pieces decrease the possibility of lock-ups.

8-axle spherical core

The inner 8-axle spherical core combined with the arc feet on edges makes for a more stable and overall better performing cube!

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