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Description: Cubing Classroom MF4

Commodity information:
Package: color box
Product Size: 62*62*62mm
Memo: Cubing Classroom MF4

Speedcube series

A stickerless compatible design, an extraordinary entry-level cube.

The MF4 belongs to the MoYu Cubing Classroom series. Although it falls into the budget cube category, it has great performance above other entry-level 4x4s. Its XB-positioning system makes the cube feel smooth and have fewer lockups, the suspended corner design allows for more stability, and the stickerless compatible design provides more color options.

Stickerless Compatibility

Along with the classic black and white, the MF4 comes in a stickerless variant.

Unified hidden edge

The unified hidden edge system aids the cube in avoiding errors and lock-ups.

Suspended design

The suspended design on the corner pieces provide more surface contact creating more stability.

Extensive Corner Cutting

The improved corner cutting decreases chance of lockups, making it suitable for beginner and intermediate cubers alike.

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