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Description: The Speed Mirror S

Commodity information:
Package: color box
Product Size: 56.5*56.5*56.5mm
Memo: The Speed Mirror S is an interesting twisted puzzle with many innovations in the Cubing Classroom series. Brushed stickers make the cube seems classy while the inner speed cube mechanism and big hole design improve its performance. We also applies anti-pop feet inside the cube to eliminate the pop problem. In a nutshell, Speed Mirror S has both great turning feel and fantastic performance.

Brushed sticker

Brushed stickers with black background make the cube classy. Moreover, streaks on the stickers will help you solving the cube, gives extra fun. Also, you can choose Silver or Gold color stickers depend on your preference.

3x3 speedcube mechanism

The Speed Mirror S uses 3x3 speedcube mechanism which make the turning more compliant and more comfortable than other twisted puzzles. It is probably the first twisted puzzle (non-WCA) with such a great turning feel and high performance.

Anti-pop feet

Anti-pop design on edge pieces perfectly eliminates the pop problem.

Big hole design

Big hole design on corners, edges and inside structure gives the cube high corner-cutting and make it smoother, and also reduces most of the lockup when turning the cube.

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