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Description: Cubingclass Room MF3s 3x3x3

Commodity information:
Package: color box
Product Size: 56*56*56mm
Memo: MF3s

Frosted and colorful design

MF3s is a 3x3 of Cubing Classroom series cubes, unique frosted surface makes the cubes has a good hand feel and reduces scratches on the surface, stickerless version provides a nice exterior. Big round, anti-sticky design and anti-pop feet bring an outstanding overall performance, it is definitely a budget friendly 3x3! 

Frosted design

Frosted design on the surface brings a good hand feel and avoids scratches on stickerless cubes.

Anti-fall-out center cap

Unique anti-fall-out center cap deaign makes the cap fixed on the center tightly, providing a better hand feel when turning the cube.

Stickerless structure

Stickerless structure makes the cube more colorful, easier to recognize the color and professional!

Anti-sticky design

Anti-sticky design on inner contact surface solves the sticky problem, providing a more comfortable and smooth hand feel!

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