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Description: MF4s 4*4 cube

Commodity information:
Package: Color Box
Product Size: 62*62*62mm
Memo: MF4s 4*4 cube 

MF4s is a 4x4 cube of ‘Cubing Classroom’ series, which uses ‘XB’ positioning system to avoid lock-ups. Round design on edges and corners makes a great corner-cutting. 3-piece combination on corner piece, inner unified feet makes the stickerless version available, enhancing the stability and smoothness. Dual-feet on corners combines with edges brings a good anti-pop ability and stability.

X positioning system
Authorized XB positioning system ensures stable turning and entirely resolves lock-up issues for even number cubes.

Big round design

Bigger round on edges and corners avoids bumpy feel and brings excellent cornet-cutting!

Anti-pop corners

Small inner tracks and lengthened feet of edges and corners efficiently avoid pop phenomenon, simultaneously corner twist can be effectively avoided.

Unique corners combination

3-piece pattern corner combination makes the stickerless version available, inner feet also brings a more stable feel, avoiding the bumpy feeling.

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