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Description: MF2s 2x2 cube

Commodity information:
Package: Color box
Product Size: 50*50*50mm
Memo: MF2s 2x2 cube Unified inner & stickerless style innovative mechanism 

MF2s is a 2x2 of Cubing Classroom series, although it is defined as a budget puzzle, but it has a very outstanding overall performance. It has unified inner part and stickerless splicing structure, meanwhile no bumpy feel when turning the cube. Hollow unified hidden edge in inner part avoids the unstable feel. Big round on the outer part makes the cube has a good corner-cutting!

Patent of 2x2 cube
positioning systemInheriting the patent of positioning system of Lingpo, with optimized mechanism and hollowed out unnecessary parts, Guanpo thus possesses more accurate inner-track parameters that avoid bumpy feeling while turning.

New stickerless structure design
Bright stickerless MARS 3x3 uses new stickerless structure design, outer part uses 3 colors pieces, inner part uses Integrated injection molding, improving the overall performance of the turning.

Unified edges
Edges inside are unified, which reduces unnecessary combinations, avoids combining errors. Hollow design in big area avoids unstable and bumpy feeling.

Big holes design
Corners, coordinated with big holes, avoid bumps and provides nice corner cuttings.

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