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Description: MoJue M3

Commodity information:
Package: PVC box
Product Size: 56*56*56mm
Memo: M3 is the first product of MoJue brand, which has a great innovation. Unique round-square center combines with arc surface on the bottom, brings a good stability and corner-cutting, decreasing the frequency of corner-twist. Anti-sticky concave and track make the puzzle has a long working life. 

Round-square center
Innovative round-square center makes the inner part of this puzzle more stable, round on the edge piece can has a good stability.

Arc surface on the center piece
On the adjacent corner of cylinder feet, M3 has an arc surface, which can decrease the inner components collision.

Better anti corner-twist effect
It is a breakthrough on the anti corner-twist effect of M3, it keeps original edge feet and minimize the pole part of the core, then the round on the feet of corner piece can be smaller, which can decrease the frequency of corner-twist.

Higher central pole
Higher central pole brings stable centre pieces and outstanding corner cutting.

High strength core
The diameter of the core is only 4.5mm, 12 strengthening ribs insure its verticality, enhanced 2mm screws bring longer feet that make the cube has a good stability and anti-pop ability.

Proper round on corner piece
Once the corner piece becomes bigger, inverse corner-cutting will also increase, but the stability of the cube will decrease. After investigation, M3 uses non-circle design, which makes the cube has a good stability. The mould uses friction surface core pulling method, to reach a fully closed effect, avoiding the noisy sound.

Anti-sticky design
4-angle star arc concave on the bottom of center piece can decrease the friction. Bar concave on edge feet makes a complete track concave on middle feet part.

The side of edge piece keeps complete friction round and remove other parts, creating a track to decrease the contact surface

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