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Description: MoYu WeiPo 2x2

Commodity information:
Package: color box
Product Size: 50*50*50mm
Main Material: abs
Memo: WeiPo 2x2 has patent positioning system. We make it have smoother turning by lessening the size of core and enlarging the corners’ impact area. To avoid pop and ensure stability, we reduce the thickness of plastic accessories in the core to provide bigger place for corners’ feet. Hidden edges that have big holes could make out better corner cuttings and reduce lock-ups.
Balanced elasticity, patent of 2x2 positioning system
Simple and pragmatic positioning system, all-side adjustable elasticity, ensures balanced elasticy.
Light turning, thinner plastic in the core
A special core with thinner plastic walls in the core makes the cube lighter, enabling turning style flexible.
Stable turning, larger impact area
Smaller core provides larger impact area for corners, which makes the cube turn smootherly.
Anti-pop, bigger corners’ feet
Thinner plastic walls in the core provide bigger place for corners and hidden edges to coordinate to avoid pop.
Less bumpy, more structural give-away
Avoids inner bumps when turning, brings better feeling when doing corner cutting, enhances easy corner cutting.

1.42 Official 2x2 World Record Average! By Kevin Gerhardt

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