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Description: Cubingclass Room MF3RS 3x3x3

Commodity information:
Package: color box
Product Size: 56*56*56mm
Memo: Budget Price Professional Quality

Cubing Classroom MF3RS Professional Speed Cube

MF3RS is the newest product of brand Cubing Classroom, it has a studiously crafted design. The puzzle has a budget price and professional overall performance. Crispy and stable hand feel, big corner-cutting, good anti-pop and anti-corner-twist feature, which can provide you a fantastic experience!

Proper inner and outer round holes

Outer part of corner piece uses big round hole, which can increase corner-cutting and avoids bumpy feeling. Inner small round hole makes inner structure more stable and decreases deformation.

Primary core
All feet of MF3RS are produced separately, using primary core to reach a smoother hand feel!

Outstanding anti-corner-twist feature

Right angle design on outer corners combines with inner big feet, bringing a good anti-corner-twist feature.

Unique cylinder center cap design

Unique cylinder center cap design makes the components of the center piece combined closely, also keep a good hand feel.

Anti-sticky concave

Anti-sticky concave avoids the sticky feel, which makes the cube more smooth.

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