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Description: Yancheng 3*3*3 cube

Commodity information:
Package: Drawer Box
Product Size: 56*56*56mm
Memo: YAN3 is the first professional speed 3x3 cube of brand YanCheng, which combines stability and smoothness together. It uses newest “segmental friction surface” design, making the cube has a good stability and corner-cutting. Thinner material and hollow out edges make it lighter and smoother.

Segmental friction surface design.
Segmental friction surface design on center and edge pieces makes a larger inner friction surface and smaller outer friction surface. Inner friction surface provides a good stability, outer big round increases the corner-cutting. .
0.9mm thin material.
0.9mm high grade material makes the cube lighter, to provide a superb hand feel!.
Hollow out corner piece.
Hollow out corner piece can bring a better corner-cutting and make the cube lighter.

Higher central pole.
Higher central pole brings stable center piece performance and outstanding corner-cutting.
Proper anti-sticky design.
Proper anti-sticky design on the friction parts can provide a better hand feel and prolong the service life.

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